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Imagine a process of communicating with the subconscious mind that empowers the subconscious to release negative emotions, trauma, subconscious programming, and limiting beliefs. Permanently. A method that effectively allows the conscious and subconscious minds to work together for curative change. Based on 30+ years of private research, welcome to the Infinite Change Process!

The subconscious mind is a lot more powerful than most people think. Individuals who experience trauma and other negative emotions would understandably like to rid themselves of such feelings in order to change their lives for the better. But how? Attempts to purge these feelings are extremely difficult due to the defensive mechanisms in the subconscious mind that are continually trying to "protect" us. These "forced" protections essentially "sabotage" our lives. Whereas some of the traditional healing sciences believe that whatever is stored in the subconscious remains there for life, the Infinite Change Process makes it possible to let go of things that are embedded in the subconscious mind with the benefit of eliminating self-sabotage.

What is the Conscious Mind?

Your conscious mind is your mind when you are awake and self-aware.

What is the Subconscious Mind?

Your subconscious mind is the part of your mind that processes information, and remembers it, even when you are unaware that such processing is taking place. This information is not easily accessible to your conscious mind.  

What are Negative Emotions?

Negative emotions are emotions that cause you to feel bad or sad, and as a result, impact your life in negative ways. Such emotions can affect your overall confidence, self-esteem, and happiness. Examples of negative emotions include anger, hate, fear, jealousy, envy, melancholy, and shame.

What is Trauma?

Trauma is any experience that the subconscious mind perceives as a threat. Most people think trauma is only caused by major life events, such as major injuries or accidents. Trauma can also be caused by serious and hurtful incidents in the past. In the future, these incidents might be discerned as only minor and harmless, but they can cause problems in a person's life.

What is Subconscious Programming?

Most people experience subconscious programming through what is known as self-sabotage. This is a protection mechanism of the subconscious mind. At some point in the past the subconscious mind might perceive an event as a threat, and as a result, works to prevent the event from recurring in the future. When something occurs in life that reminds the subconscious mind of the original threat, the subconscious does everything in its power to provide preventative protection.

What are Limiting Beliefs?

When life experiences cause people to reach negative conclusions about themselves. For example, a person bullied in school might conclude: “I am not good enough.” If such thoughts are reinforced over and over, then the thoughts might become limiting beliefs.

Who could you be after releasing your past emotional traumas, limiting beliefs, subconscious programming, and negative emotions—PERMANENTLY?

Your self-image is the result of all you have given your subconscious mind as a database, so regardless of your background, what you are willing to become is the only reality that counts.

How does the subconscious mind work? Is it independent of the conscious mind? Is it programmed by experiences or instructions? Many questions come up, but the one answer is common: if you can access the subconscious, then you can reprogram it, period!

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